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The advantage of hiring a DJ for your next corporate event in Perth

The advantage of hiring a DJ for your next corporate event in Perth

More than just the music, adding a professional DJ to your next corporate event brings with them a range of advantages and services. Whether you’re looking for a successful product launch, fashion show, staff Christmas party or networking event a professional set can put your best foot forward with clients, customers and even staff. 

A DJ is the full package with tailored playlists, lighting, improved sound quality and an experienced MC all the while taking some of the stress of organising off your shoulders. Here are just some of the advantages a professional DJ adds that can bring corporate events to the next level…  

Raise the profile

Having an experienced DJ shows that you’ve elected to put the professional polish on your corporate function and have gone the extra mile for the guests, be they clients, customers or your staff. It shows that you’ve invested in making it a truly classy event and that you value the experience of the people attending, an impression they will draw across to your business relationships as well.


Planning an event and coming up with party ideas is hard enough as it is, so why not leave the music to the professionals? As easy as you might think it is to just press play on a playlist there’s a whole bunch of variables that come with it; setting up speakers, choosing the songs, pausing for ceremonies or speeches, avoiding repeats and more. Whereas with a DJ, they handle it from start to finish and you can actually enjoy the event yourself, connecting with your guests without having your mind elsewhere and missing out.

Better sound and set-up

While you could rent speakers yourself for an event, a DJ will bring along a full set up of sound and lighting equipment as well as their expertise in setting it all up for a smooth performance. This ensures not only quality music but also a lighting set up that goes the extra mile to make the night an experience rather than just a corporate mingle with a backing track. They can also assist with microphone set up to make the usual ceremonies and speeches a breeze, so all you have to worry about is what to say.

Tailor the music

Every event is different and a DJ can not only tailor the perfect set list for your event, saving you the headache of song selection, but can change it up throughout the night. An experienced DJ can alter the music and its volume based on the mood and to your requests, whether you want some mingling and talking at the start before pumping up the energy at the end.

Wider choice and better reliability

As great as a live band may sound in theory, a DJ tops the bill in terms of reliability and the wide array of music they can draw on, not limited to genre or experience. With a playlist spanning genres and decades, you can get the performance to suit any audience. While a band can suffer issues on the night from missed notes, off-sick members or even just a lacklustre sound, with a DJ there a far fewer links in the chain to falter so you can be sure of the same top performance on the night.

Make your next corporate event an experience with Streamline Entertainment

Elevate your next corporate event to help you connect your clients, consumers and staff with our experienced DJs at Streamline Entertainment. We specialise in providing businesses with high energy, high quality and versatile DJs who are regulars on the Perth club and bar scene. 

With years of experience and quality sound equipment in tow, we are ready to make your event an unforgettable experience. 

Our team also provides quality entertainment, speaker systems, silent disco headsets and lighting for all occasions across Western Australia, including weddings, private functions, clubs, bars and school balls. View our corporate functions page or give us a call on 0429 480 808.

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