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Has COVID-19 postponed your wedding plans?

Has COVID-19 postponed your wedding plans? Here’s what to do next

Imagine having planned your your dream wedding for the past year and just a few weeks before the best day of your life coronavirus hits. Don’t worry it’s a hardship that many couples are currently facing. With the uncertainty of COVID-19, the wedding industry has been hit the hardest. In fact according to statistics March is on record as the most popular month to get married.

Due to strict government restrictions, limiting non-essential gathers of more than 2 people, it is no surprise that you may have had to cancel, rethink and rebook your wedding plans. Even with that restriction lifted to 10 people on April 27, there’s still a long wait until we are back to normal and you can have the Wedding you’ve been dreaming of!

Remember, you are not alone. At least 80% of all weddings have been postponed whilst others pushed their wedding date forward before the restrictions were put in place. Not to worry, we are here to guide you on the best way to handle this dilemma.

Check up with your vendors

This is probably the most important step when it comes to postponing your wedding. Your vendors will consist of the venue, entertainment, photographer, caterer and more. 

Thankfully most vendors will have a postponement policy, especially given the current circumstances. Moving forward business will prefer postponement rather than cancellations in an effort to keep their clients. 

For example, Streamline Entertainment have had 20 weddings postponed and are offering these clients (with existing deposits) the ability to change their wedding date to any date in the next 2 years free of charge.

Deciding on a new wedding date

Strict laws are still in place regarding non-essential gatherings, yet COVID-19 cases seem to be decreasing. WA has seen the most promising results with no reported cases over the past few days. 

Regardless, there is still a lot of uncertainty and this must be considered when deciding on a new date. Although things seem as though they will be up and running soon, we recommended booking in February or March 2021, as this will be your best and safest bet moving forward. 

Contact your loved ones

Once you have finalised your new wedding date and destination, as well as the catering and entertainment, your next step is to inform your loved ones and guests of the changes. 

It is important to only contact your guests after you have finalised your new date. This will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Once you have informed your guests they can officially save the new date and you can all begin to look forward to the special day!

Everyone is going through the same thing

I can almost guarantee that you already know someone or know of someone who has had to postpone their wedding. This actually makes it easier to come to terms with, as everyone is going through the same thing.

This is important to remember all throughout this processes, especially when contacting your vendors and anyone involved with your wedding, as it relieves some of the stress and anguish you may be feeling. 

Just remember that although it may be disappointing to have to postpone your special day, think of it as a blessing in disguise. You can now take your time, relax and enjoy the wedding process and the lead up to the event. 

Need to postpone? Streamline Entertainment are here to help

Streamline Entertainment are more excited than ever to help with your wedding! As we mentioned earlier we are currently offering clients the freedom to change their wedding date free of charge. We understand how hard it may be having to postpone your wedding and get in touch with your vendors.

Shannon and the team at Streamline are here to make your life easier. If you have had to cancel your wedding entertainment, get a quote and book with us today, and if things change, we will give you the freedom to reschedule (given that you provide a deposit). 

With years of experience and quality sound equipment in tow, we are ready to make your event an unforgettable experience. 

We also cater to all occasions across Perth including private functions, clubs, bars, school balls and work functions, providing quality entertainment, speaker systems, silent disco headsets and lighting. View our service packages online or give us a call on 0429 480 808.

Together we’ll make your wedding day a night to remember!

Photo – Fox and Luna Photography


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