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Why you need a DJ for your hens/bucks night!

There’s a lot of pressure in making a Bucks or Hens night one to remember, it has to be unique, fun and tuned to what the bride or groom wants. Hiring a DJ hits all these buttons and more to make for a top tier send-off! The typical pub crawl night on the booze can limit your options and make it somewhat generic. Plan out your night with an experienced DJ for not only the perfect soundtrack but also a unique night to really mark the occasion. Whether you want to set a theme, build around an activity or just have a night to get a bit crazy, here’s how a DJ can really elevate your plans!

Customise your night

Whether you’re looking for a wild night you’ll all remember or chill night to toast the bride or groom to be, a DJ put a unique spin on your party.  Making a memorable night is all about looking for what the bride or groom are going to enjoy and that’s different for everyone. Organising a DJ for your mates Bucks or Hens night puts the soundtrack in the hands of an experienced professional who can help you bring it all together. A DJ can set the song-list to all your favourites and makes changes to suit the mood throughout the night. Avoid the same list of tunes you’d hear in a club or pub and get your favourite bangers for the night, even add requests later on with thousands to choose from and a sneaky personal hotspot connection accessing the iTunes store (In the rare occasion that the DJ doesn’t have the bangers you want to hear).

Make it one you can remember

While you might have the impression from the movies that it has to be a boozy raucous affair, a Bucks or Hens night can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you’re looking for a full-on party, or a fun unique theme with bowling, impersonators, belly dancing classes, murder mystery night, laser tag, silent disco or even a combined Bucks and Hens night, a DJ can help you pump it up. A DJ is a versatile element that adds to these events and even when you are done with the entertainment, they can keep the party going. Not only do you get a memorable night with everyone home safe but its something the bride and groom know is just for them!

Epic set-up with professional sound, lighting and effects

For a truly top-notch night, a DJ brings with them a high quality professional sound system along with effect and wash lighting, covering all the bases for you. They can even provide a microphone for toasts and speeches as well as back-ups to keep the event running smoothly. More than just the music, a DJ makes it an experience to remember!

Hand over the mic and enjoy the night

As the organiser, you’ve spent the time putting the night together but you’re going to want to be able to enjoy it as well! Hiring a DJ can take the running of the night off your hands as they are also experienced MCs, so you can enjoy a drink and see your friend get a proper send off before the big day. 

Make your next Hens or Bucks night epic with an experienced Streamline Entertainment DJ

At Streamline Entertainment, we specialise in providing Bucks, Hens and combined parties with high energy, high quality and versatile DJs who are regulars on the Perth club and bar scene. Get yourself a Perth wedding DJ who understands every crowd and plays with a modern and energetic approach. Ready to suit any style and make it one to remember for the big send-off, our Streamline Entertainment DJs can organise everything in a meeting leading up to your Hens or Bucks night. With years of experience and quality sound equipment in tow, we are ready to make your event an unforgettable experience. Our team also provides quality entertainment, Saxophonists, speaker systems, silent disco headsets and lighting for all occasions across Western Australia, including corporate events, private functions, clubs, bars and school balls. Send us through a website enquiry or give us a call on 0429 480 808 to get yourself sorted!

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