About Ben & Ebony

Their style is totally real, raw and honest. They wouldn’t dare put you through cheesy and awkward poses; instead, they let the underlying beauty of your wedding, the authenticity of the connection with your partner, and the vibe of the day speak for themselves in a series of stunning frames. Capturing not how the day looked, but how the day felt. She doesn’t care much for the cutting of the cake or the classic signing the registry shot, she’d rather be facing the other direction watching your loved ones watching you, big cheesy, proud and a little bit teary grins on their faces. She wants to capture the way the day felt rather than the way the day looked. He loves the real stuff. The honest, raw, warm fuzzy stuff. He cries more than she does at weddings (and even more when editing a wedding film). He is constantly seeking to grow, constantly striving to do better, be better and feel better. He thinks it’s ok to be vulnerable, it’s important to feel things deeply. We are a photography and videography duo hanging out in Perth and exploring the great south of Western Australia whenever we have the opportunity. There is nothing we love more than letting all your epic moments unfold in front of us. We are here for your story, wanting to capture it in its most real and authentic form. Being your chief dress/veil/bouquet carrier, getting rid of spider webs for you (usually by accidentally walking through them), bringing you food and water (wine), finding you five seconds of quiet before you walk out the door and nodding across the room when your favourite song comes on are some of our fave little bits. But ultimately, we just adore finding the best moments to allow you and your loved ones to feel and be “you”.

Their Work


Emily & Tim

“You are a beacon of calming energy and I just can’t explain it, but having you lurking in the shadows on our special day, capturing all the magic, it made me (the biggest stress head, just ask my new husband) feel like a cool cucumber. You wrangled so many family members and children without even breaking a sweat and from just the snippets you’ve sent me so far (in less than 24hours nonetheless!) I’m able to relive the essence of our day over and over again. it’s going to be a disaster trying to narrow them down to print a few for the walls! Your work is just beautiful”


Hannah & Jayden

“Ebony’s easy going personality and vast experience made the shoots relaxed and fun though it was clear she was getting the goods. Ebony is kind, well prepared, has thoughtful systems, communicates well, seems to carry all the things brides tend to forget AND was there to capture every special moment! So many times at our wedding, I looked up to see who else saw something heartwarming or funny and Ebony was right there grinning to let me know she got it. She has the knack to anticipate moments and get herself in the perfect possie to capture them. Many of our guests noticed this and passed on their compliments. Ebony has the perfect balance of skill, warmth and intuition. She was incredibly generous with her time on our day and getting a handful of beautiful preview shots to us much sooner than anticipated. Girl, your pics captured so much raw emotion they had me crying (an embarrassing amount of) happy tears in the airport depature lounge before we took off for our honeymoon! Jayden and I cannot wait to see the rest of our photos and we’re singing the most genuine of praises far and wide!”


Ellen & Nick

“From the moment I reached out to Ben regarding a video for our wedding I was so happy I did. My hubby felt very strongly about not having a videographer so I was making an unsanctioned move and Ben was wonderful at reassuring me and running me through the day etc. and really took the time to understand my worries and our style. Long story short, my hubby told me the day after our wedding how much he had liked Ben. When we watched the video, he turned to me and said “I am so glad I talked you into getting this, I love it”. If I wasn’t also obsessed with watching our videos on repeat, and showing everyone I ran into, I would have hit him. If you are on the fence regarding a videographer, do it! And get Ben! Best decision we (I) have ever made, and life time of amazing memories.”

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