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Kate Jenkins



Music is Kate’s fire, it’s the fuel that sparks her spirit and the flame that keeps her going. It’s the ‘home’ in which she finds understanding, unravelling her deepest truths and purest expressions in doing so.

To Kate, music is an experience, not just a song. Since a young age she has called on music to stand tall in hard moments, celebrate in joyful, and everything in between. Music has allowed Kate to feel, heal, and bring the subconscious to the conscious in a digestible way. This has led Kate to step forward into the world with music in tow, creating her own unique ‘experiences’ to allow us to do the same.

Kate’s music, though always evolving, is described as a journey. Starting with our ears and making its way to our heart, we are able to attribute our own story to her sound. Therefore, acquiring an inner knowing that whatever is felt along the way, her heart has likely felt too. Kate believes this connection, through sound, is vital to the healing of humanity.

Kate draws on inspiration from the 80’s & 90’s era, adding a touch of heavy bass, and finishing with her creative flare – the result is best described as ‘magic’.

Today Kate continues to share music as she knows it, in the unique way she knows how. Her aspirations are to play for large crowds, healing and connecting as many hearts as she can along the way.

Event’s you can book Kate for:

Functions & Events


Bars & Clubs


Past Experience - 1 Year

Bars & Clubs

The Court, Rooftop at QT & Tiki Bar

Private Functions

Over 10 Private Functions

Where to find Kate regularly

Genres Kate Can Mix

House Music – Tropical, Deep, Tech, Techno

Vibey Music – Background Bar Grooves, Funk, Disco

Kate's Latest Mix

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Favourite Party Song

DJ Approach

Professional, Client Focused, Fun, Upbeat, Easy Going & Energetic


Friendly, Professional, Confident, Fun, Outgoing, Calm, Casual & Easy-Going

Other Interests

Art, Spirituality, Music, Travel, Photography, Gardening, Outdoors & Pottery.

Favourite Memory Behind The Decks

Playing at the beautiful Scarborough Beach!

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