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Key Questions To Ask Before Booking A Wedding DJ In Perth

So you’ve taken the plunge and decided to get engaged. Congratulations! Now comes the fun bit. Planning a wedding involves a multitude of different things, often resulting in a large amount of stress for all those involved. Whilst you might be thinking about the choice in venue, what food will be provided, and of course who you’ll be inviting, there’s  One of the important aspects to consider is the choice of music, or more specifically the choice of DJ. Wedding DJs can make or break your special day, significantly impacting upon the mood of the occasion that you’ve spent so long planning. So how do you know if you’re hiring a good quality Perth wedding DJ?


The experienced wedding DJs in Perth at Streamline Entertainment have put together this list of the key questions to ask before making a decision on your wedding DJ hire. 


Are they a part of a larger business or are they a freelance DJ?

Understanding whether the DJ works for a larger business or is simply running their own projects can help you in understanding the quality that they possess. Typically, a wedding DJ that forms part of a larger roster of other DJs, like in the case of Streamline Entertainment, their skills and experience will have already been vetted and approved. We also have a diverse roster of wedding DJs who have all played in a wide range of locations and for varying occasions. Therefore, if you find that the DJ that you wanted is already booked for that date, we can help to find you another suitable one for your wedding. 


The problem with those taking the lone wolf approach, or doing their own freelance work is that sometimes they may be a friend of the wedding party, or may just be starting out, meaning that their quality of performance may not be as high as you would like. When you consider the importance of your wedding day, you want to ensure that you’re getting the top quality of every element that’s making up that special day. 


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Do they have experience as a wedding DJ? 

It’s all well and good if a DJ has over 10 years of experience in performing gigs all over Perth, but what if they’ve never played a wedding before? It goes without saying that a club DJ who plays in venues late at night across Perth, will be playing quite differently to how a professional wedding DJ in Perth will be playing. Not only is the music selection likely to be significantly different, but also the way in which the DJ mixes will be a different style depending on the occasion.

The team at Streamline Entertainment all have experience in playing all sorts of different weddings, across many interesting venues. This experience is invaluable in allowing them to understand how to read a crowd, the type of music that has worked in the past, and also in understanding the structure and flow of a wedding. 


How do they prepare for each wedding?

It’s important to understand the process that the DJ takes with each wedding they perform at. Do they personalise their experience based on what the couple getting married requests and are likely to respond to, or do they have a standard ‘wedding’ playlist they use? You want to be careful that you don’t fall into the trap of hiring a stock ‘playlist’ as in that case you’d be better off plugging in a phone! A good quality wedding DJ will constantly reassess the atmosphere of the event and play music according to the current vibe and take requests from the guests. 


Streamline Entertainment sends each client a wedding music planner prior to the event so that you can tell us all your favourite songs that you’d like to hear on the day. We’ll also meet with the couple a week or so before the wedding to do a walkthrough of all the elements of the special occasion (e.g. ceremony, entrance, speeches, first dance etc.) This allows us to have a solid understanding of how the day is going to pan out, as well as a deeper insight into the type of music that you prefer. We also print out the run sheet for the day and work closely with the MC and wedding planner to make sure everything is running smoothly. 


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Do they have their own professional DJ equipment?

Although you may be looking at hiring quite a high quality wedding DJ, they may not actually have their own equipment for the day. You should always ask whether they have their own DJ equipment, including their own speaker and lighting rig. If they don’t have their own equipment you would have to add yet another thing to your ‘To do’ list, in hiring the necessary audio and visual equipment. 


All the wedding DJs at Streamline Equipment will bring their own DJ equipment and speakers, so you can rest assured that we’ll be providing high quality entertainment on the day. Our DJs have all the necessary cables and extension cables, so all we need is a power supply to plug into and we’re good to go! We’ll set everything up before the guests arrive, and have all the backups in place should there be any hiccups with the equipment. 


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At the end of the day, you want everything to be perfect for that incredible wedding that you have put so much time and effort into. If you’re looking for a good quality wedding DJ that you can rely on to create an amazing atmosphere on your wedding day, have a look at our diverse team of DJs at Streamline Entertainment.

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