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Mix 004 – Ja feel Mix Two

This one is without a doubt my favourite Drum & Bass mix to date. It was my first time mixing Drum & Bass as I was mainly a house and party DJ in 2014 when this came out. I originally released this one under the alias ‘UID’ short for Unknown Identity. I did this for a few reasons, one I wanted to get some honest feedback on the mix from people that didn’t link it to my brand and two the fellas at Ja feel wanted some artist variety from the first mix I did for them a few months prior. You can listen to that Future House Mix here.

Nowadays this is my go to running mix. The BPM of Drum & Bass is 174 which is a perfect pace for pushing yourself while running. If you can keep in time with the beat of a Drum & Bass mix you will be running at a near optimal pace. More info on that theory here. Enjoy! And remember you can download this and all other mixes with the link below.

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